Friday, January 7, 2011

happy birthday baby ava

 today is the sweeeeetest little angel baby's birthday.  baby ava.  she's one year old today.
ben & i got to scoot on down to louisville this past weekend to spend the day with friends and babies.  ryder, lib & ava traveled all the way from virginia to spend time with their families and {bonus!} have a birthday party for ava.  libby was scheduled to recieve chemo thursday, the day before ava's real birthday {today} so she wasn't planning on having a big blowout in va.  {they actually rescheduled so pray that their day is sweet with their little babe}.  justin's generous sister offered to throw an ava celebration and let's just was awesome.  the most darling, girly 1 year birthday party ever.

libby allowed me to play photographer {even though i'm a beginning beginner} so she didn't have to fuss with it and could enjoy her time.  i was more than pleased to try my best.  i took about a billion pics and could hardly decide what to include so here's my best shot...

{quick disclaimer:  since the ryder's have a professional photographer in the family it would probably be best if they never saw this}.
the spread
the adorable favors
there may or may not have been a gelato cart there
and i may or may not have had more than one serving
baby's first birthday cake

libby & ava. aren't they pretty?
ava flirting with benny...

ryder & libby-
we were so blessed to get to see you all.  we wish our time together was longer.  maybe like life, like regular life that we could live together.  i would definitely be FOR that.  ben and i miss you dearly living so far apart but it is such an encouragement to each of us and to our marriage to know of your faithfulness in trial & to know your passionate hearts for the Lord and for Truth.  we are so thankful for you and for the example that you have lived out in front of us.

baby ava-
happy birthday little princess.  we SO enjoyed meeting you this weekend.  i wish you were closer so we could squeeze and love and hug on you all the time.  things your parent's friends want you to know:
1.  your dad was once 'ryder, the spider'.  he wore a head-to-toe unitard and spit fake blood into the crowd.
2.  you momma is really brave
3.  you have been really blessed to be placed into the family you're in because your parents know full-well numbers 4 & 5
4.  you are cherished & dearly loved by the creator of the universe.
5.  because of that great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions—it is by grace you have been saved.  we pray that you'd know Jesus & that he'd be your everything.

LOVE YOU ALL & we had so much fun being you, a handfull of our friends & a handful of our friend's babies!


  1. SO SWEET!! Very glad that you were able to be there & what a sweet party!

    p.s. In the midst of some tears I laughed out loud - hard - thinking about the spider!

  2. Thanks for the sweet birthday gift! It was great to see you guys! -Ryder

  3. she is so adorable! what a wonderful party!

  4. Hi!
    Baby is so cute!~
    Too great a party...
    It seemed so happy...


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