Thursday, September 2, 2010

last but not least...

surely no one in the history of blogs has had as many installments of individual baby showers...

let the games begin!
since we were recently trying to plan our own little partay i know how useful it can be to hear other people's ideas and search blogland for mixers & games that worked! 

i've seen this particular game played out several different ways and i'll tell you my fave.  all you need it this:
scissors & yarn.  how simple is that?
at sarah's shower, guests cut a length not knowing what it was for.  i think it is equally fun to go ahead and tell them that you are aiming to fit your length of yarn perfectly around the momma's baby bump.  people will still be grossly off and so it is still fun {and funny}!

once everyone has a length of string the momma walks around or you have each person come up and see how their guess lines up with the actual bump.
for the next game we played all you need is a stack of paper plates and some pens!  we keep it simple.

each guests attempts to draw their rendition of the babe but the catch is that you have to draw them with the plate on your head.  i assume you could use cardstock {or some thick paper in this instance but paper plates are very sturdy & will ensure that you wont poke yourself in the noggin}

the drawings all turn out hilariously but just watching everyone draw on their heads is the truly fun part.
.it is very comical.
the guest of honor got to choose the winning artist.
our momma chose a 'go steelers' design in support of her hubby's fanship.

this isn't a game but how sweet is this diaper cake with little roses made out of socks on top?  presh.

after the party was coming to a close we did have an impromptu photo shoot.
would you expect anything less?

{happy hostesses}
momma-to-be & friends
sisterly love


  1. You are a FABULOUS hostess! I would love to be able to host a shower of any sorts one day with you! You're also a fabulous dresser - how cute do you look in these pictures?!?! I miss you!!!

  2. jen jen,
    did you know you only had on one earing in these pics???

  3. I have's just flipped and hidden in my dark hair. TREAT!

  4. As one who is a hostess of a baby shower this Saturday, I have really appreciated your posts! Thanks for sharing them. Hope you get some writing therapy time soon Jen! I know that feeling... Hey! You gonna join my Fall Friendship Swap? Come over to Windy Poplars to check it out. I thought of your home made heatpacks right away as a great cozy Fall handmade item :-). Not sure if I'm brave enough to attempt one on my own yet! Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday!


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