Friday, September 24, 2010

i can drink so much diet coke.

i am so very excited that today is, indeed, friday.

and it's fall.
and it is so windy outside.  i love when it is warm and windy.  yesterday it was 90-something degrees, and i thought "this is not fall" but today is a different story. it's perfect.  when i was in college  there would be days when i could barely make forward progress walking or open the building doors because it was so windy.  i like days like that.

there's a lot going on this weekend.  i really am thrilled & giddy with anticipation.

tonight we have a LHS football game to attend & homecoming tomorrow with our high school friends.  we don't have homecoming {obviously} but i hope to see some of my sweet girls all decked out & ready to twirl.

uk also has a football game {hooray} saturday

i'm getting all my hair chopped off by my dear friend, doni.  it's been about 2 years since i had short hair so i'm excited for the change & so is benny.  he's been asking for me to go for a chop for a while.  more hair tales {not tails} to come in the near future i hope. snip snip.

we are having our first official book club meeting to talk about 'hotel on the corner of bitter & sweet'.  yes we are all in our mid-twenties.
i have the honor of celebrating my friend mere and her baby-to-come, elle.  i cannot wait.  i want to post what i got on here because is the sweetest, most darling thing in the world but i don't want to ruin any surprises!
{ahhh babies!}

speaking of babies, my good friend ang fooled the world of facebook by putting my face in a hole.  if you are our fb friend and were curious...
no, i'm not pregnant. let me put that rumor to rest.

i look forward to time spent well this weekend.
with friends, family, my hubby & precious time with the Lord.  i want to go outside, rest, run errands and more.  maybe even blog.


  1. Oh my gosh, that top picture is SOO pretty! Calming and serene. Love it.

    And that last picture, so funny!

    ♥ Amber

  2. I love that title of this post & the fact that you never mention it again. I can't believe you're cutting all your hair off...yay! I think Angie is stinking hilarious for putting your face in a prego hole!

  3. I have started Hotel on the corner of Bitter and Sweet also, you know how I love to read. Hope your book club goes well.
    I expect to be the third person to hear when the big news does happen.
    Love Mom


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