Wednesday, September 29, 2010

just checking in...

i keep having the best of intentions to record our comings & goings and for some reason it has never been more difficult for me to grab a moment to do just that.

a lot is going on.
a lot of great things {the Lord is good & He is at work}  i am humbled daily by the awesome plans of the our awesome Father.  i am so excited about the way He is changing my heart & about the ways He is moving in the lives of students at lafayette.

speaking of ministry, if you've ever wondered why a couple in their mid-twenties constantly spends time with high schoolers and then insists on reiterating their love for kids over and over via blog you need to watch this...

a lot of hard things are going on.  with family. with friends.  with little girls.  hard things are hard.


my great-grandma  passed away this past weekend at 102 years old.  she was a believer and has a huge family that loved her dearly.  the funeral tomorrow will be a celebration, a celebration of her life and a celebration of the kingdom.

on a much less important note {especially when compared to ministry and the lives of great women} i chopped off all my hair.  i only have a mac pic thus far.  i feel too awkward just to take a picture of myself for the sole purpose of showing you my hair so that's what you get {for now}.

{i'm a tiny bit embarrassed by our messy room in the background but that's real life, just look at my excited face instead}

hope to be back soon...very soon.  what use is a journal that you don't record anything in?
love love-


  1. LOVE the hair! Can't wait to see you Sunday! :o)

  2. Your hair is so cute.
    The young people at Lafayette are so blessed to have leaders who are so committed to them.

  3. LOVE your hair! And oh I LOVE that video!

  4. I think it's wonderful that you do what you do! Bless you for it! Also think your hair is darling. I desperately need a hair refresher...


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