Saturday, September 21, 2013

where the wild things are :: emmie at the zoo

[there are about two months worth of life that i haven't yet documented here.  fingers crossed that i'll catch up soon but i couldn't let being behind hold me back any here goes]

it happened.  our sweet little emmie bear went to the zoo, ironically i don't know that we saw any bears.  we traveled up to the cincinnati zoo and met our dear friend jenna.  cincy is about halfway between our two houses and baby-friendly so it made for an obvious choice.  we got yummy breakfast while emmers screamed at all the other diners.  [that's what she does now...shouts at strangers]. 
she roared at all the animals.  she loves to roar.  most of her favorite books now have animals in them and we always make the noises together, i think that was one of her favorite things about the zoo.  that and staring at other people's kids.

this is emmie and a wallaby i think.  she looked at it kind of like it was a stuffed animal.  but maybe a stuffed animal she didn't want to touch.
"helloooo, it's me emmie!"
whenever she was on the ground she was a wild woman.  she basically acts like she's an animal on the loose and runs as fast as she can away from containment (ie: me)
::jenna and emmie collins::

my sweet little babe, auntie jenna and i loved taking you to go see all the animals and hopefully on our next visit you'll take longer than a 30 minute nap to be primed and ready for fun.  you probably were too excited to sleep, i get that way too.  but don't worry, i'm already dreaming up a family membership next summer.  think of all the fun you'll have!  my itty bitty baby is turning into a running, squealing ball of little girl right before my eyes!
oh yeah, and she was completely knocked within 5 minutes of dropping jenna off.  doll baby!


  1. So cute!!! The pic of you and her is especially adorable. We are definitely getting a family save your cash and come with us! :) OR - not sure how it works but maybe you could just "borrow" ours since you'll drive by our place anyway?

  2. We're asking for a pass too! OUR KIDS CAN BE FRIENDS AT THE ZOO!


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