Monday, September 2, 2013

should eat cereal or sleep?

so i say crazy things like "i'm going to post once a week" and then i don't post for you know, like a couple months or something.  hmmm, fail.  the truth of it is, life is busy and in our "down" time well, i'm a little bit of a lazy bum.  but i have a few things that i'm going to try and commit to, and you know, actually do them.

:: blog regularly, high hopes being about once a week to record our little but wonderful life
:: be in the Word daily & prepare early for the studies i'm involved in [not last minute]
:: become a clean freak
:: stay on top of my work daily so it doesn't pile up
:: use my dslr often

got any mid-year resolutions yourself?  or some 'back-to-school' habits you're trying to master?  here we go ya'll.

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  1. Hmmm...these are lofty goals, sil...but totally attainable! YES to blogging more and using your dslr more -- instagram is not giving me the proper emmie fix/updates. ;) Hope you are doing well! Bday coming up!!!!


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