Saturday, October 5, 2013

mommas & graduates

i just uploaded a bunch of pictures onto blogger so i'm thinking i'm set to go on posting, at least for a minute!  sadly i realized that there were things i wanted to document from APRIL of this year still in waiting...WHAT!?  here it goes...

so about 5 months ago i got to celebrate my sweet little sister's graduation from college and my first ever mother's day with a babe out in the world.  here are some pics from that weekend.  it was really special for us.

**i just noticed that nearly every picture in this post is blurry.  sorry about that.  i'll work on my phone photography skills soon.  maybe.  i'm just lucky i took a picture - let's be real.**

my little girl used to be so ... little!  i remember thinking that weekend how amazing it is that God has allowed me to become a mom.  it's strange to me that i knew i wanted to be a mom without the slightest clue how much i'd really love it.  i don't think i'm an extraordinary mom or anything but i know that i enjoy it more than any profession you could think up and it brings me more joy than i ever could have fathomed.  i'm pretty sure God designed me to be a mom.  maybe even for my own sanctification, but regardless such a gift.  with that said, i'm praying with all i've got that He'll equip me to raise & disciple this little bean.  there's nothing else i'd rather do!
on mother's day ben went and got emmie out of bed.  weekends are the best because the three of us just get to plop into bed together and cuddle and play until we really get up to start our day.  i wish all days could start like that but since poppa gets up at 6:30 i'd rather us not all be up together daily ;)

he carried her in and she was carrying a mother's day card for me in both her tiny hands. she literally had the. biggest. smile.  she was so so adorable.  her and her poppa had organized for me to have a whole spa day full of fun & pampering the following weekend.  it was AMAZING!  i have the sweetest little family.
we wanted to document our first mother's day together.  emmie was obviously thrilled & cooperative.  just like always.  i have no idea where she gets her dramatic temperament. 
emmie bear, you'll always be the baby that made me a momma.  there is such a heavy but precious weight to caring for you & loving you with my whole heart.  in watching you grow and learn and thrive i've experienced such delight.  me and your dad have been able to watch God move, protect & prove himself faithful through you.   we've tried our best to trust Him with your little life.  you're special because God made you.  you're lovely because God calls you loved.  i'm so thankful for how fun you are and what a loving little mini you're becoming.
.  .  .  .  .

as i mentioned, my little sister graduated college!!  ow ow!  which means i'm officially old.  in my mind i think chelsea should be eternally 12 years old.  graduating college and getting married are things not fit for a 12 year old so as you'd imagine, i'm stunned hahaha.

.grandma paula. momma. nana.
a selfie on skinny bleachers is hard.
tickets were limited to the graduation ceremony because the first lady, michelle obama, was the guest speaker.  i'm not really political at all and whether or not you love the president, it still felt like a really unique opportunity.  it's not everyday you get to hear someone like that speak in person. 

this is on the jumbotron but she was there in real life [promise]...she just kind of looked like a dot on my iphone cam so this made more sense.
congrats my sister!  you did it.
me and my little siblings!  did i mention that i'm ancient?  my little brother is in high school now!?  earlier this fall, through a series of miscommunications one of his friends thought that emmie was nick's sister and that i was his mom.  this is the end.
more baby snuggles and family fun as the weekend continues!  look at that baby bear!!!  she loves to take early morning chin pics - something you won't find me doing.
on actual mother's day we had a graduation party for chels where we got to celebrate her and i got to see one of my moms and several of my grandmas [and lots of other fam too!]  it was a really sweet weekend full of special people and sweet fun!

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