Thursday, June 27, 2013

friend fest

i really do miss posting about life more often and i kind of even miss writing just to write.  it's a lot harder than i thought it would be to keep up with this ol' thing.  pre-babe i just saw so many moms that posted regularly, even daily and i thought, "once i'm not working full-time this will be cake."  buuut adding a baby and working part-time hasn't really allowed for all the time i thought i'd have & when i do have free time i always seem to find myself away from a computer.  i don't even keep up with my friends' blogs or any of my favorite reads from strangers like i used to (ha!).  all that to say, i'm hoping to turn a new leaf.  i won't be posting daily but i hope that a couple times a week or even just once a week, instead of once a month, you will find me here.  two days in a row, that's a pretty good start right?

so anyway, onto the goods.  at this point i think this a full month late but it was such a special weekend that it deserves documentation.  it was my sweet friend jenna's birthday so she traveled a few hours to lexington to visit & celebrate in style with her friends.  we were lucky to be included in that. 

so first thing in the morning we hopped up, bean in hand & headed over to first watch.  we caught up, played sock puppets and stuffed our faces.  total success.  emmie liked it too.
the girls!  we've got from college roommates to living in three different states & now three of us [including em] are here while jenna's not tooooo far away.  well too far for me, but not really "too" far.  i like to think that Shannon is wearing a veil in this picture.  little bride he he he.
we parted ways for just a bit and then we were able to celebrate with even more friends that evening.  dinner with lots of our favorite couples and even some babies thrown in the mix.  it was a teensy bit hectic but we wouldn't change a thing.  we're all crazy.  God has blessed us with amazing friends.  we're truly thankful for the relationships represented here that the Lord himself put together.
the guys and the girls set separately.  because we're in middle school.  at this point in our lives most of us get more husband time than we do girl time // guy time so it's kind of nice to just get to be together for a bit.
::brunettes unite::

and yes we did take some group shots.  we had to.  i hope it's not to long before we all get together again.  it really is a treat!


  1. Yay for posting more -- I missed reading/catching up on your life, SIL! The girl group pic is adorable -- so many brunettes!!!! I always think you and your close friends look alike...kind of like sisters!

  2. yay more posts!!! :) We have the best friends ever.

  3. We do have the best friends!! I love that Greta said that we look alike. ..."Y'ALL TWIIINNNNS???"

  4. Hi there!
    I just came to check in and realized I haven't missed any posts - because you haven't posted in forever!
    I hope all is well and you're just busy with the joys of life and a happy summer.
    Take care!


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