Thursday, December 20, 2012

somebody's rolling!

for months i've been waiting for this day!  the day when emmie would be able to roll from her back to her belly.  she mastered rolling from belly to back around 5 weeks but it's taken nearly 5 months to get to this point.  i know a baby rolling isn't earth shattering to most but i was so excited.  literally squealing with delight.  i actually missed her first 'roll'.  i was in the kitchen making smores for benny's coworkers [which are delicious by the way], but i captured her second roll for her poppa - right here.  i just came around the corner and there she was propped up on her elbows.  what a doll.
getting in some more practice.  after every roll she looks up and cheeses as hard as she can.  she must be pretty thrilled too! what a big girl!

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