Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Parties with babies

my sweet little bean is passed out in her carseat in the center of her bedroom.  she has been sleeping for quite a while and it just dawned on me that now would be an excellent time to pop in and share a mini-emmie-update.  lots of fun things are developing with our little princess but i'll save most of those for her 5 month-er.  she is growing, growing, growing.  i can tell you that.  last week we battled our first bout with croup and it just about broke her momma's heart.  thankfully, we're on the mend and ecb is back to her old playful, squeaky self.  hallelujah!

a few weekends ago emmie got to celebrate her future husband's third birthday [yes, she is dating an older man...don't worry, we're keeping a close eye on him]. and lets just say she had a blast.  she got lots of snuggles from her aunts and uncles and got to sing to silas.  what could be better?!

this is si's "in love" face and that is emmie swooning of course...
the big guy telling me he's three using both hands and actually four fingers...precious

ecb and auntie holly.  love!

i was on a mission to make baby legwarmers for baby emmie this season and success!  it is done!  i found these $1 cream and red striped socks at michael's and literally could not stop thinking about them on emmie's rolly-poly legs until they were made.  i followed a simple tutorial from pinterest [that i can no longer find] that basically just makes the sole of the sock a cuff and ta-da!  baby legs are warm.  and adorable.  ben kept telling me all day that she looked ridiculous.  i kept telling him that she looked just like christmas. 
family pic!  i hate this pic of me but my baby and husband are too adorable to not post!
em got lots of lovin' and it was so special to celebrate yet another year of silas' life.  i cannot believe how quickly time goes by.  i swear he was em's size like two days ago and now he's all tall, skinny and shouting "JINGLE BELLS" at strangers in public.  bless his precious, three year old heart.  don't worry, ben and i still squeeze his cheeks just like em's.
...and just because she's a doll.  emmie in bootcut pants.  ahhhhh.  ps she can't stand up on her own so pics like this are hard to take :)  happy humpday all & merry christmas season.

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  1. If I can find the stripey legwarmers I got for cormac I will give them to you. not quite the same on a boy!!!! :)


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