Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I thee wed... [chris & morgan tie the knot] + life

this past weekend was such a joy for ben and i.  benny's little brother chris married his sweetheart, morgan.  i am so excited for them to start their lives together and couldn't be more thankful for the way that God has knit this little family together, drawing each person to Himself and to each other.  His plans are so good.  i am also thrilled to have morgan as a sister!  treat!! 
adorable yes?  photo stolen, roselle photography

every little detail was beautiful and if my phone hadn't died you better believe i would have been snapping all kinds of pics.  the church had beautiful wooden beams in the rafters and was decorated with twinkle lights for christmas.  the reception was full of people c + m love, and people who love them along with all kinds of little wooden, rustic touches, handmade by poppa tony & morgan's dad.  so sweet, [angie poston, you would have died].  i was obsessed with the hot chocolate bar and may have eaten three cupcakes.
i love that they will build a home that glorifies the Lord and invites people in.  it will be a joy to witness that.
perfectly grainy iphone shot - wish i brought my real camera!
you know if there's a wedding then there was also a rehearsal.  family fun for all.  benny was the best man so he got to practice his "supportive, standing up" skills and i was honored to read scripture for the big day.  emmie, well, emmie mainly pulled my hair, but she was really happy to be there.
if you're thinking i look cute.  you're right!  beautiful princess on her way to rehearse!
sunday morning we were dragging but we were able to make it late to brunch with ben's immediate & extended family.  emmie especially loved getting to meet all of her great aunts, uncles and cousins!
since then we've been passing the time blabbering all kinds of words [this is new], spewing airplane blurs, practicing our singing skills in the jumperoo and giggling as poppa kisses baby neck rolls.  after a week of the sickies, this little bit is back to her spunky, awesome self.
oh, and i've been turning my family into cats.  you're welcome.
christmas is creeping up on us.  i'm so thankful for all the family that we get to visit in the next two weeks and for the reason to celebrate at all.  i pray that our eyes would be fixed on Jesus!  merry christmas friends!

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