Tuesday, October 16, 2012

first ever fall break

this is our first season with ben teaching and me staying home with the babe.  one of my favorite 'perks' of our new set up is that we both get to enjoy a few more 'holidays' together.  ben got a virus mid-week which was a major bummer.  i was so looking forward to us being together and so disappointed that we may not be able to spend as much time as a family.  he was home sick and quarantined on wednesday and thursday.  it was killing ben that he wasn't supposed to snuggle his little babe.

he was off work on friday and monday for our first ever fall break. what a treat.  even with a sick ben, a 6 day weekend for us was pretty amazing. ps - it really is fall here!

a few highlights:
hanging out at bible study with emmie [ben wasn't allowed to keep her].  we had a small group show up this past week so we weren't able to really discuss our 'lesson' but we were able to catch up with each other a little and just be together.  i really loved that.  e.c.b did too!

saturday was jam-packed with fun.  we were able to celebrate a marriage to be with one of our dearest friends and his bride.  we tailgated at keeneland and got to visit with all kinds of people that we went to high school & college with and haven't seen in years.  it was a beautiful day - perfect for playing outside.
from there we finally got to have a meeting with our young life team.  i love the people that we do ministry with so much. they let us meet at our house too and that makes it easier with emmie - it is an encouragement and blessing to see the hearts of our friends yearn for our high school friends to know the gospel.

and next, second annual oktoberfest at the poston's.  picture backyard, twinkle lights, long tables, tons of food, burlap & candles, all your friends and tons of babies.  it was awesome.  it was emmie's first oktoberfest and it was thoroughly enjoyed by the whole fam.  some of my favorite pics from the night.
auntie cory and little babe.
 diggle snuggling evie grace.  the babes were all in their pj's by the end of the night.
 i know its grainy but i couldn't resist.  the boys laughing while benny takes care of emmie collins.  so precious.
stolen picture from katie h. before it got too dark.
 one big little, happy family!
on sunday we had a family day.  my parents had all kinds of family over to celebrate my 27th birthday!  let's be honest...everyone just wanted to squeeze my baby, but i'll take it!  i was just excited to see everyone.  emmie did ok, she fussed every now and then but overall was pretty sweet.  from there we got to go to campaigners [biblestudy for our highschoolers].  it was awesome to hear about them processing how to apply scripture and God's truth to their lives. uh, and this was the windiest day ever.  it was awesome.  i love wind.  there i said it.

monday, oh monday.  bittersweet.  sad that it was our last day all together as a family on break but sweet that we got to relax.  benny watched emmie while i got a massage.  holy moly, it was much appreciated.  then i was able to take em with me for lunch with sweet jenna - TREAT!  all around - great day.

i've been learning a lot about being thankful and content lately.  i am so blessed with sweet gifts of family and friends.  i hope to not take one moment of it for granted.  here's to many more 'breaks' to come!!

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  1. Sorry we missed the big family birthday get-together for the big 2-7! I'm sure no one really wanted Cormac's nasty germies, though. :) Glad Ben is feeling better!


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