Saturday, December 3, 2011

not too late for thanksgiving

so now that everyone is 'over' the thanksgiving holiday and moved on to christmas it seems to be perfect time for a week old update right?  right on schedule.

life seems to be more busy in my head than in real life.  does that make any sense?  i have all kinds of things swimming around in my head and fighting for attention.  my mind seems to literally never stop these days.  and even though i do have free moments or hours to get things done, i'm still sort of stuck contemplating how to do all the many things i have to do.  it a paralyzing predicament.  one which doesn't lead to much getting done.'s one thing i'm getting done.  documenting our weekend full of family, friends and mass amounts of food.  no i didn't take pictures of myself stuffing my face through several different meals, but i most certainly could have.

for thanksgiving dinner we went to my grandma margaret's.  it was wonderful to see all the fam and i even whipped out the camera for a few shots right before we left. 

 some of the kiddos...
way too much pie.  or not enough pie.  guess it depends on who you're asking.  i treated myself to some pumpkin pie...its my favorite.  i'd like to have some more right now!

some of my many cousins + my momma

benny bear & i...gobble gobble
max taking a break
from grandma's we went on up to nky for a few days to visit the brzinski's.  i love getting to see them and since long weekends are a rarity for us we just had to take the opportunity.  maybe the visit spurred on some puzzle addictions but i'd say that its worth it.  at least sitting around the table together is better than nearly anything else.  we went and saw a  movie as a fam, went shopping for a minute on black friday night and i even was able to sneak on over to rick's to see a few friends.  i loved seeing those friends.  it doesn't happen often and those girls are so fun - it was really sweet.

we returned to lexington on saturday for my cousin's first birthday party but i'll be back for more on that.  sunday we had hoped to put up our christmas tree but it just poured and poured outside so we had to reschedule.  we still haven't been able to take care of it!  and christmas is so soon [i'm sure you already know that].  i want it up and  or three weeks ago...whatever.  fingers crossed that tomorrow my dreams come true :)

now for the real reason for thanksgiving - giving thanks.  we are so incredibly blessed.  i'm absolutely overwhelmed with gratitude for the ways that the Lord has provided for ben and i.  from things like a place to live, a bed to sleep in, heat, food to eat, cars to drive and a job to less tangible things our gigantic, caring family and a community that i'm convinced is perfectly orchestrated by God, a husband who is a man of God, creativity, learning, & conversations that give Life.  then there are even more powerful, eternal gifts like grace, love from our Creator, a call and a purpose on our lives, breath everyday, and adoption into the King's family.  we can never be thankful enough.  we don't deserve this life.  i pray that i'd remember that everyday.  we are incredibly blessed.


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