Thursday, December 29, 2011

well hello there stranger

i don't really like blogging about not blogging but i just have to say that i'm so disappointed in my lack of posting lately.  even with the hustle and bustle of the holidays i have had some free time and plenty of photo-worthy opportunities & i've just slacked off.  it makes me sad that i won't have record of all those great memories to look back on - my mind alone isn't the best at 'recording'.

we had such a blessed season with our families celebrating the birth of our savior.  i wish i would have taken more time to be with Him too. 

for the past two years i've had ben read me the christmas story first thing when we wake up on christmas morning and it may just be one of my favorite traditions.  twice = tradition right?  i hope we do this every year, always.  everything is quiet and we're just laying in bed [basically my favorite place, its restful and free of distractions, unlike the rest of our lives].  this christmas we were snuggled on an air mattress in the middle of grandma ada's living room but it was still it was perfect.  and i got to hear about God's plan to rescue His people.  who would herald the way, the women who would bring john the baptist and Jesus into the world.  it is absolutely the most perfect way to begin Christmas morning.  i obviously could read it myself but it's sweeter when ben does it.  your husband reading scripture to you [or your family if you have babes] must just be one of the best things in the whole world.

we ate and visited, ate and visited, did presents [too much...we have way too much] and traveled all over the place.  i did do some crafting this year - sadly i didn't take too many pictures because i was in such a frenzy to get things done.  but i would like to share!  maybe i'll replicate some of my projects again just for kicks.

i hope that you had such a sweet holiday with the people you love, worshipping our Lord & celebrating Life!  i'll be back soon with a girl christmas update, new years that is right around the corner & some of my holiday treats!


  1. I am so glad you had a wonderful safe Christmas. My whole Christmas week was great. The weekend with all six of my "children" and my precious Cormac. Then a quiet Christmas morning with my husband.

    Reading the scripture first thing in the morning sounds like a wonderful way to set the tone for the entire day of celebration and thankfulness.

    Happy New Year.

  2. I really like that idea Jen - of reading the real Christmas story that morning - so sweet. Hope you guys have a lovely New Years!

  3. I hate blogging about not blogging too. But... sometimes we have to do it when we haven't written in like two months!!! We're talking about crapy blogger me. I'm glad you had a great Christmas!


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