Tuesday, December 21, 2010

christmas joy

once upon a time i begged you to make this a reality...incessantly in real life & also{here}. benny decided to make my doodling dreams come true and made me this chalkboard...little bit of chalkboard paint, white paint & crown molding makes for one thrilled little lady. thank you benny, you are the sweetest husband. here's our board all ready for christmas. i told ben yesterday, "don't you feel like you live in a fun house now?" {like a house that's fun, not a carnival house with mirrors}. and we do live in a fun house! i can't wait to doodle all over it, write sweet nothings, scripture, love notes, songs...i just smile thinking about it!

what else have we been up to?  oh well...just wrapping a mountain of gifts like little elves.  here were a few of my favorites...
ben's mom gave me a bundle of flannel, much of it being what i would call 'christmas plaid' and it is beyond perfect for making little fabric bows to adorn my packages. now if i could just get my hands on another roll of kraft paper i'd be in business!

i have more gifts to try and figure out than i estimated a week ago {which stinks}...i thought i was done! oh well...i've got three days right? {YIIIIIIIIIKES!}

hope your christmas season is merry & bright.  may you have blessed time in the presence of the King!


  1. all your dreams are coming true! LOVE the chalkboard. its perfect :) Good job benny boy!

  2. The chalkboard is adorable but it's the plaid bows that are making my day! So very beautiful and the perfect finishing touch. I'm giving away a one month sponsorship on my blog and would love to have you join! Merry Christmas (a bit early)!


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