Wednesday, April 17, 2013

our first family vacay [with a bean] :: part 1

we were incredibly blessed to go on our very first vacation as a family of three.  it was a little frightening to embark on the 10 hour car trip with an 8 month old & we didn't have a clue what would happen with a baby on a beach but after a few google searches and a decision to drive through the night, we made it successfully.

we put em in the car a few minutes after her bedtime because we were at a party celebrating the engagement of two of our favorite people.  she fell asleep quickly and we assumed smooth sailing.  sadly, every time we stopped, for gas, to switch drivers or when we pulled over to sleep for a few hours she screamed her face off.  like super duper angry.  that part was hard.  we hated that she wasn't getting good, solid sleep and we were a little too tired to want to deal with it.  when morning finally rolled around it was back to a fun car trip.  we had about 3 more hours of driving left to do and did it in about 5, stopping when em was awake to let her get out, eat and play.  I really liked our family road trip stops. 

ben and baby saying "SB2K13 here we come!" after getting some early morning nom nom's at country fresh cracker barrel.
emmiekins at sonic.  she loved getting out of the car and thankfully, the weather was great to sit outside.  strangers everywhere love to come and see you.  you make people smile with your sweet little demeaner.
we fiiiiinally made it.  two tired parents and one sweaty baby.  we had to strip her down and get that babe cooled off accompanied by celebratory screeching!
do you spy a fluffy baby mullet?
we immediately lathered that baby in sunscreen, changed clothes and headed to see the sea.  we borrowed an umbrella stroller so that we wouldn't have to drag along our big hoss of a stroller from home.  I love our regular one but it's just not practical when you're packing your whole house in the trunk.
"I need the sand in my toes"
will she like it?  how will she respond to sand...and sun...and water with waves?  being hot?  being cold?  welp, we found out!  the beach is a hit!  she loved it.  look at that face!
she waved at the waives pretty much any time ben would take her out to the water.  it was pretty precious!
one of our high quality family shots. babhahhaha.  i'll be back with more awesome pictures of our bean in a bathing suit.  you're going to love it.  little boo, you were so sweet on our family vacation, we so enjoyed getting to see you experience these new things.  spending time just the three of us was incredibly precious to me.  wouldn't trade it for the world.

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