Friday, April 12, 2013

eight months

i'm a tad bit late but baby emmie is eight months old!  she's flying soooo quickly through babyhood.  a lot of times i'm guilty of wishing my way to the next stage but sweet little ems is in such a fun place right now.  i love love love where we're at and it will be a little bittersweet to move on from this place someday.  here are a few of the happenings with you little princess.
you had two new teeth by the time you turned eight months (you actually have one more now).  you had one night of fussing & i don't know if that could be attributed to teething or not.  i know that we had it pretty easy with that one.  all three teeth are in the bottom center.  the two little middle ones are precious, crooked nibblers.  i love them.  you may have nibbled on your momma a few times as well.  that i do not love.

you twirl the hair on the back of your head with one hand while you suck your thumb on the other to fall asleep in your crib.  i feel like that is probably pretty typical for babies but i find it completely adorbs.  speaking of hair...

you're rocking a pretty awesome, fluffy baby mullet at the moment.  the back of your hair has gotten longer & thicker daily and while the top is "growing" it ain't no match for the back.  benny says you're kentucky born and bred so it's only right that you have a that kentucky waterfall.  business in the front, party in the back.  i'm fine with it.  you're hair is getting lighter.  it's not like you're a blondie or anything but you don't have dark brown hair like your parents...yet.
you're still sleeping great.  always sleeping all night, naps a little bit predictable but definitely not as finite as i'd like.  putting you to bed is one of my favorite times.  you melt into a little thumbsucking ball and let me rock you, pray, sing and plop you in the bed.  we're down to very little whining most nights.  i like that.
ok, sometimes you don't sleep...
now that we have blackout curtains, this is better
you are crawling like a pro.  you are everywhere, all the time.  you are pulling up on everything, and sometimes you even take a few steps while holding on to something.  you usually like to crawl around where ever we are, never venturing too far but if we'll move with you, you really love exploring.
you are babbling like crazy, favorite word currently is Mama, Dada, lalala, high pitch squealing and airplane sounds.  in the books it says that mama and dada are indiscriminately right now but i swear you think mama is me.  i love to hear you use your words.
you learned to wave watching me in the mirror, the day you learned you waved at everyone for a LONG time. For a while you would crawl and in between each step you'd stop and wave, like a one-woman baby pageant.
right now you eat stage 2 foods and love puffs now, you eat anything, & love it all.  i need to read up on introducing bigger kid foods to you.  we still haven't seen you turn down anything.
gee mom this is delicious

am i allowed to post this?  how could i not!
as you can see, you love to read.  you are super into flipping through your hard books, throwing them, sitting on them and letting momma read to you.  you love music, to dance, to 'sing' and to bounce. when I'm done bouncing you keep on going.  you also love spending time with your poppa and watching documentaries.  that's real.  look at you all!  ahhh melt my heart.

you smile all. the. time. It's pretty awesome.  You giggle some now but you still hold them back a bit.  your little grin is big and awesome.
napkin hat, smiling baby

you rode in a grocery cart for the first time this month, it was a target cart. probably the best cart you could start in.  you've done great with all your rides since.
you climbed up a step! i didn't get to see you because your Granna and uncle nick were watching you but I can't believe you're so big!
you wear 9 mo, 12 mo and 18 mo clothes.  but 12 mo most often.
carrying around treats in her mouth like a puppy.  favorite new pastime.

you got to meet your bestie, baby ellie this month.  you're in love.  so are we.

i'll be back soon with a love note for my sweet bean, until then look at this awesome, climbing princess!


  1. She is getting so big and grown-up! Ahh! What a sweet heart! I miss you and your sweet family, Jen Jen!

  2. Charish each stage, they fly by so fast. Isn't it fun watching her develope her own personality.
    Momma Karen


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