Friday, March 22, 2013

the dailies

just thought I'd pop in with a little glimpse into the last seven days. It has consisted of lots of rolling around on the ground with a certain squirmy bean, meals with friends, baby showers, morning snuggles, an extra day with daddy, some beautiful weather (and some not so beautiful), donut dates (yes multiple), visits to poppa's classroom & time w family. It has been a jam-packed, fun bursting time around here. Unfortunately 3 of the last 7 days have also held migraines for me. It's been rough for me and for Benny rushing around to take me off baby duty. Maybe more on that some other time.
em had her first ride in a cart this week.  an awesome target cart to boot.  she seems pretty psyched about it.  i'm likely creating a tiny little target monster.
did you know my baby could speak korean?  me neither.  i hear siri say "let me check on that" as my 7 month old fiddles and screeches into my phone from across the room.  it appears that she solved an equation for world peace in her native tongue.  baby genius. 
and did i mention, one of my besties is in labor!?  emmie CANNOT wait to meet her future best friend.  we had a donut date with mr. silas [big brother to be] this morning and basically the first thing out of his mouth was "we get to meet ellie!"  so awesome.  this is our 'last supper' with the postons and websters.   or so we thought, she stayed in there a little longer.  so they had to eat a few more suppers, but we tried.
on poppa's day off of school he still had to go in and get settled into his new classroom.  so fun!  after a donut date with friends and their babes we got to go check out the new digs and then steal poppa away for a sweet lunch-time date complete with gift cards and napkin hats.  she is really fun to take out now that she can sit and be a tiny person.  no crying, just fun.  and an afternoon meal with pops, our favorite.  we wish you could take a halfday every friday, that'd be the dream.
last saturday was absolutely gorgeous.  i wanted to spend literally the whole day outside but we didn't really do that.  we need to spruce up our outdoor furniture so that we can really take advantage of the great outdoors steadily.  we did go on a glorious walk.  maybe the prettiest one we've ever had as a family.  emmie double kicked her feet the whole time [picture fist pumping but with her feet].  we also went for ice cream and had a whole family day.

and the weekend is back once more.  i hope you have such fun plans in the works, or plans of no plans - those days are also great.  i have a bunch of work that needs to be taken care of so i need to be a busy bee while making sure that we have plenty of friends and family time as well.  see you again soon.  all our love!

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