Tuesday, March 12, 2013

daddy-daughter time

now ben did not like it when i posted this on instagram but i know many folks out there don't have the wonderful app and i would hate for them to miss out on this moment of awesomeness.  husband, i'm sorry for the time i told everyone you passed out a 6pm on baby duty and i'm sorry for bringing it up now (a la mean girls).
i was trying to get just a few things accomplished after ben got home from work last friday.  he agreed to keep an eye on baby emmie for just a few minutes (literally like 120 seconds or something).  in that time i came back to see this.  my husband asleep on the kitchen floor in a pile of baby toys.  utterly unconscious.  baby emmie didn't see me and was hovering over her dad.  she was sort of standing up but then would lean over every few seconds so her face was in. his. face.  as if to say "uh, hello?  anybody home?"  apparently not, and now she's off to wreak havoc elsewhere.  my sweet family.  you are awesome.
and just since we're talking daddys and daughters at the moment, i wanted to capture this sweet little tidbit as well.  one of benny's students went to a father-daughter dance that they held in the area and wrote ben a whole letter about how special it was to go with her dad and how she thinks it would be a really great idea for him to take emmie someday.  ugh, melt. my. heart.  how sweet is that little girl?  i believe this poppa has every intention of stealing any dance with princess emmie that's available. 
he promises to be a more lively date than the kitchen incident of twenty-thirteen.


  1. Give Ben a break... Hope you remember your Father-daughter dance... Love, Dad


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