Thursday, May 5, 2011

baby parker

two of my favorite people in the whole world just welcomed this little guy into the world.  i'm pretty sure he will be added to our 'favorite people' as well.  parker is an absolute doll and i'm so excited to watch him grow.  he's brand new and itty bitty.  he has a bunch of hair but he likes to wear his hat so you'll have to wait to see it.  when ben & i went to meet him we were in such a frenzy to get over there before visiting hours ended that we didn't have time to go home and get the camera, so i stole from cory.  {what's new?} please go look at others from her post today {HERE}.  oh & jenna's too {SEE HERE for hair}

we love all 3 of you so much & are so happy for your little family.  i can't wait to snuggle you, parker.  we're praying for you all: for patience, rest, wisdom & for God to be present in big ways - especially as you bring this little man home.

love you dearly-

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  1. We love him too! I asked Ryan if he wanted to hold him and he said no at first then he wouldn't give him up! :) I love babies! I can't wait for you to have one! ;)


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