Wednesday, May 8, 2013

week of firsts

It seems like little em has had quite a few 'firsts' the first week of may and I was worried if I didn't go ahead and jot them down I may never remember the newness of this exciting week. (Assuming you find baby milestones exciting haha!)

On derby day little emmie collins stood all by herself. she did the halfway stand leaning over granna stephanie's legs and then took the full upright stance with no hands. Her arms were straight ip in the air and i think she may have been on her tip toes a little. out whole family was staring at her so our gasps and squeals scared her a little. she quickly sat back down but for a few moments...yes ma'am she certainly had her legs under her. She's getting really strong, more balanced and less timid as she moves from crutch to crutch. I don't think it will be much longer before standing alone is no big thing and walking will be on the horizon I'm sure.

She started eating lots of table food. The dr said she was good to go so we're going for it. LOTS of fruit, veggies, toast, etc. we love to watch her try new things and especially love seeing her learn how to use her pudgy little fingers & coordinating those little movements with her mouth. Things we never think about for ourselves are nearly a phenomenon when a baby does it.

Em started on formula for the first time. I think if we're blessed with more babies I'll be more open to using formula even if it is just for me to pump & build up supply in the future. I wasn't 'anti' formula necessarily but if I didn't have milk stored I would make an extra time I pump at night, I never had a break where it wasn't out of complete necessity and I think that made nursing a little less enjoyable for me. Em has taken right to a bottle and formula. Grandma carol feed emmie her first formula bottle and all my momma nerves proved to be ridiculous and unneeded. She was a pro from the start.

When I change emmie's diaper she sometimes is unruly, to put it mildly. I started making her kick her little legs while she's on her back and I tell her 'hi ya!' When she kicks. This week she said 'hi ya!' herself. Ahhhhh so awesome! Little karate kid. My bean.

This week we started brushing her baby teeth. We should have started before we did but since it wasn't in our bedtime routine before I've struggled to add it in, I gotta get better to protect those pearly whites!

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  1. Aww yay for emmie and so many new things!!! Great to see u ladies finola is excited to play with her big cousin someday. girls rule ;)


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