Wednesday, February 6, 2013

6 months

time flies when you're having fun right?  i cannot believe that half a year ago we were in the hospital snuggling our brand new bean so unsure of what to do with her and now we're in full-on baby-mode like this she's always been here.  she's definitely still a "baby" but she's becoming such a big girl.  here's what we learned about you this past month...
first meal
one major happening is that you started eating cereal - you love it.  you chomp up and down in between bites and make a lot of noises, i love that.  you love food, and lets be frank, no one is surprised.  i'm a bit late in posting so you've actually tried sweet potatoes too.  you are so interested eating.  you watch anything other people eat and drink and you want in on it too.  i think each new thing you try will be a new adventure.  i'm super excited for that.  we always make sure your poppa is home from work before we try new things so he can see your sweet & intrigued responses.
you fake crawl; you can get up on your hands and knees and not move, just rock back and forth or make all the arm and leg crawling motions but with your belly on the ground.  i feel so sure that it will be no time before you've got it down for real.  you can kind of scoot where ever you want as is with a few face plants but the moment you really start moving your hands and knees i'm probably going to squeal so loudly that you never do it again.  last week some of the little girls piled up a bunch of cell phones out of reach and you army crawled the entire way there.  you want it, you got it.
for the past two months you kind of help me put your clothes on, arms through arm holes, this is very helpful.  you used to fight and fight me, now you're my little assistant.
you were squeaking at the office and i thought you were just trying to fall asleep.  i'm a terrible momma, your little bear hood was over your eyes.  YIKES!
you started working at the office with momma, you're the best kind of coworker.  i'm so thankful that i'm able to bring you with me a few hours a week.  we are very blessed that i'm able to make a little money and get to keep you with me.  my office mates don't seem to mind you too much either.  who could resist this face?
you were rejecting your bottle when momma went back to work so poppa had to start working with you.  just two days in you started taking the bottle again like a champ.  it's hard for momma because when i'm home it just seems a little silly to pump, dirty bottles & pump attachments, etc when i could easily feed you myself but it is better this way.  now you get bonding time with your poppa and can be independent enough for me to be gone more than 3 hours at a time [TREAT!].  you hold your bottle up all by yourself and your dad loves that about you.  you're such a big girl.
you love your jumperoo!  you can bounce so high now and after a long bout of hopping you look back at me like "momma did you see that!?" if i smile back at you, you generally let out a big squeak and then let your head rest on your seat.  melt my heart.
a few bullet points of em:

every now and then if you're on a little incline you'll sit up all by yourself.

you went on some adventures & experienced your first christmas & new years

you wear six month clothes sometimes & can wear up to 12 month clothes.

you love to pull momma's hair and eat it if i let you.  it hurts and is gross but your face is pretty adorable with a ponytail in your mouth.

you're still sleeping great for naps and at night.  you are a lot more difficult to get to sleep in public these days though.  you just scream so loud before you fall asleep that it gets kind of embarrassing.  you'll fall asleep eventually but i just can't get through all the public wailing to make it happen.  we had a good run of sleeping through lunch dates so i can't hardly complain.

you love when poppa airplanes you.

you are obsessed with phones, monitors and remote controls.  i think we need to get you a few "falsies" so you quit eating and throwing our real electronics on the floor.
don't mind the mess
itty bitty, you are indeed the little princess of this household.  i'm noticing that while you do laugh, giggle & smile often that you are also a bit of a serious baby.  stoic is what we call you.  you just love to take in all that is going on around you.  straight-faced.  your eyebrows generally tell the story of what you're thinking, which is hilarious.  you're still really small but i'm already dreaming of how fun it will be for you to be a big sister someday [Lord willing].  we've also been planning a future beach trip this summer and i am dying thinking about your pudgy little toes tromping around the beach in sandals.  we just have to get through these snow storms first!  you've seen snow a few times now but still haven't touched it.  i should plop you down in it but you don't have a baby snowsuit and i want to keep you warm. 

we have continued to pray over your little heart.  you've spent some time with littles your age and i hope as you all grow up together that you all would be a picture of the gospel, graceful littles that love each other [and other others] deeply.  i've been thinking about middle school lately for you.  i know we have plenty of time, i've just been hearing stories about insecurities of girls that age, mean girls, etc.  i pray that you'd be so secure in who God made you to be.  that you wouldn't care so much about what other people think - that's a struggle for most people, it colors how lots of people act - i don't want that for you.  i'm praying that i'd be a good and humble momma to you and that your poppa would lead our family well to know and glorify the Lord.  you are such a gift and every day i get to snuggle those little squishy cheeks are a dream.

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  1. It has been so exciting watching her grow and change and start to have her own little personality. Momma Karen


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