Tuesday, August 7, 2012

covered in spit up with no where to go

i thought about titling this post 'porn star boobs & a granny belly' but then thought better of it - who knows how that would come back to bite me. :) 'covered in spit up with no where to go' is equally appropriate for our life right now since it pretty much sums up the everyday happenings for me and the babe right now.  there are places that we could go but aren't going to go because little bean is still, well, really little & we don't want her to get sick and all her first week out in the world.

me and the little lady have about 6 wardrobe changes a day.  well, in reality we just keep changing her swaddle because keeping real clothes on her is a little pointless and i don't mind her precious little nakey self either.  i have the option of either staying in the spit or changing tops over and over, so perhaps needlesstosay...we've been doing a lot of laundry because i don't really like being cold.

ben has been working up at the school the past couple days to prepare for the first day of classes which is next wednesday - yikes / yay!!  so me and miss emmie have been holding down the fort and soaking up momma-baby time.  it is a certainty that you should have about 6 hands when taking care of a newborn baby.  i keep finding myself trying to hold, pick up, wipe, carry & make with far less hands than i have.  maybe some mommas are more coordinated than me, but man - i've got my two hands full.

luckily, since we've been home we've had lots of visitors & helpers by our side which has been such a blessing.  our friends and family take such good care of us, it is incredible.  on the flip side, the little moments that ben, emmie & i get alone are really precious.  even though we're sleep deprived, a tad delirious and a teensy bit irritable, i have loved every single second of it.  even when it's 3 am and the babe is wailing and ben is frustrated, i can't help but think how lucky we are to have this little, mini sumo that's all ours and how thankful i am that i get to share that with my favorite man in the whole, wide world.  it's just a pretty sweet time.

emmie collins, here are a few pictures documenting your very first week of life.  you are a doll & we l.o.v.e. love you.


  1. "porn start boobs and granny belly"....i love it! That's totally how it is huh? You are hilarious :)

  2. "porn start boobs and granny belly"....i love it! That's totally how it is huh? You are hilarious :)

  3. Jen, Emmie is just gorgeous! Congratulations to you and Ben--what a sweet little family! I'll be looking to you and your blog for some much needed first-time-momma tips! Our boy is just three weeks away from making his appearance : )

    Miss you girl!

  4. Congratulations! She is a real beauty, and there is nothing like that newborn honeymoon! :)

  5. Just checked back on the blog and HOORAY! Ms. Emmie is here! Know yall are in the midst of the lovely crazy brand new hard glorious wonderful first few weeks of having Emmie in the fam. and it's such a treat to see her precious pics and hear how you guys are. So thankful you have a community coming along side you to serve and love on you and your daughter. Love it!

  6. aaahhhh ...my little niece ...delightful ...those pics you posted are so so so cute, i think she looks like me in the very first one, but the second is my fave! love, auntie molly


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