Thursday, October 14, 2010

.fingers crossed.

once upon a time i teased you {and myself} with the thought that my wonderful, smart, sweet husband may post on my little ol' blog.  at that time i thought he was going to share with us all the gory details of his trip to the haunted tb hospital in louisville.  he did share his stories...but not with blogland.  dang it benny!  maybe i'll talk him into it still since halloween is right around the corner.  you all need a good scare right?

this time something much cooler than a ghost story is in the works and i would love for ben to record it here for us to look back on someday.  so let's keep our fingers crossed that we'll hear from benny in the next few days with some life updates {or i'll just have to share them myself}.

c'mon.  please do it?  how can you resist this face?



  1. Jen.
    1. i love this picture
    2. i really really want benny to post. really bad.
    that's all :)
    -jenna (not you)

  2. i cannot even imagine how much fun it would be if ben posted something. i'd laugh a lot.


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